Cotton Hair Drying Towel Wrap

      Cotton Hair Drying Towel Wrap

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      Color: Blue



      Meet a brand new way of drying your hair with a hair towel wrap while also taking care of your hair. Our hair turban towel wraps are extremely soft and made with absorbent Turkish cotton to dry your hair way quicker.

      These cotton hair wrap towels also secure your hair with a convenient button closure. Plus, you get to move around comfortably and in style. That's why our hair turban towels are an excellent accessory to take with you to the spa and even the beach.


      - OEKO-TEX® Certified
      Available In 3 Colors: White, Blue, Charcoal
      Helps Dry Hair Faster and Helps Prevent Damage To Your Hair
      Suitable For All Hair Lengths & Types
      100% Turkish Cotton Terry

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