Unlock the Ultimate Shopping Experience with Shop Pay at SEYANTE

Article published at: Sep 3, 2023 Article author: SEYANTE Admin Article tag: Other
Unlock the Ultimate Shopping Experience with Shop Pay at SEYANTE
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Welcome, SEYANTE shoppers! You love luxury, and we love making luxury accessible for you. That's why we're thrilled to introduce you to Shop Pay, an incredible feature offered through our online Shopify platform that transforms the way you shop at SEYANTE. With just a tap, it allows you to pay instantly or choose from flexible installment options. Let's dive in to explore the nitty-gritty details!

What is Shop Pay?

Shop Pay is an innovative payment method designed to give you maximum flexibility when shopping online. With Shop Pay, you have the following options at checkout:

  1. Pay Now: Finish the payment in a single, complete transaction.
  2. Pay in 4 Installments: Divide your payment over four interest-free installments every two weeks.
  3. Pay in Monthly Installments: Choose monthly installments that fit your budget.

Why Choose Shop Pay?

Speed Through Checkout

Forget filling out tedious forms. With Shop Pay, you can complete your checkout in one quick tap, ensuring that your must-have items don't go out of stock while you're still punching in numbers.

Interest-Free Payments

Who doesn't love the sound of "interest-free"? With Shop Pay, you can opt to make four bi-weekly payments with zero interest. Now, your luxury shopping doesn't have to wait!

Decrease Cart Abandonment

We get it; sometimes, you're on the fence about a purchase. Shop Pay's installment options make it easier to commit, reducing instances where you ditch your cart and miss out on something you'll love.

Flexible Payment Options

Whether you prefer to pay now or later, Shop Pay gives you the flexibility to decide how you want to manage your finances, especially handy for SEYANTE's diverse range of products priced between $50-$130.

How to Use Shop Pay?

Ready to experience the smoother, more flexible way to shop? Here’s how:

  1. Select Shop Pay at Checkout: Once you’re done adding your desired SEYANTE products to your cart, proceed to checkout and select Shop Pay as your payment option.
  2. Choose Your Plan: Opt for ‘Pay now,’ ‘Pay in 4 installments,’ or ‘Pay in monthly installments.’
  3. Confirm and Complete: Follow the prompts to finalize your payment plan, and voila, your SEYANTE luxury products are on their way!

Legal and Compliance*

Rates from 0% APR or 10-36% APR. Payment options through Shop Pay Installments are subject to an eligibility check and are provided by these lending partners: Affirm Lenders (https://affirm.com/lenders). Options depend on your purchase amount, and a down payment may be required. State notices to consumers can be found at Affirm Licenses (https://affirm.com/licenses).


Luxury should be as accessible as it is beautiful. That’s why SEYANTE is committed to providing you with flexible, simple, and secure options like Shop Pay. So why wait? Make luxury a part of your life today with Shop Pay’s seamless and flexible payment options.


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