How To Style A Robe And Find The Type Of Robe That Fits You?

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How To Style A Robe And Find The Type Of Robe That Fits You? Microfiber, Terry, Waffle, Turkish Cotton, Hooded, Shawl Collar, Towel Wrap
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Ultimate Guide to Selecting and Styling Bathrobes: Types, Fits, and Trends - SEYANTE's Luxury Robe Collection

  1. Assessing Different Types of Bathrobes
  2. Deciding On How The Robe Fits
  3. Most Common Types Of Robes
  4. Get Yourself The Perfect Robe

If you are a bathrobe lover and have enjoyed reading more about them at The Robe Talk, welcome back to read more on how to style a robe this time. 

Bathrobes are not just after-shower wear anymore, they serve many purposes, and if you are a fan of robes, you already know this by now. Since we already know why having a robe is quite convenient, comfortable and luxurious, let’s get straight into our guide to styling a bathrobe and finding the one that fits you the best.

Assessing Different Types of Bathrobes

Turkish Cotton Waffle Robes and Turkish Cotton Terry Bathrobes for Men and Women | High Absorbency

There are many different types of bathrobes, and the classification is mainly done on the basis of materials and purpose. The most popular ones are cotton, microfiber, plush, and silk robes. All these materials could be used for different purposes of the bathrobe; for example, cotton waffle and terry robes along with microfiber robes usually have high absorbency, making them a good choice for after-shower bathrobes.

Similarly, silk and plush robes are designed for comfort and relaxation and make a good piece of loungewear on lazy days, depending on the weather. Also, SEYANTE's waffle and microfiber collections have excellent spa robes to pamper yourself whenever you want.

Deciding On How The Robe Fits

While the material and size of the robe play an essential role in the selection process of a bathrobe, they are not all. You must also assess how the bathrobe fits your body, and for that, you must answer the following questions;

-   How does my body look when I wear the bathrobe?

-   Am I comfortable with the way the fabric strikes my body?

-   Is the bathrobe too fit or too loose?

-   Does the length of the bathrobe cover my body as much as I want?

-   Do the neck and the waistline define my body perfectly?

If you have answers to all of these questions and you are satisfied with those answers, you are good to go. You must have found the bathrobe that fits you the best.

Most Common Types Of Robes

Now, let’s get into the different bathrobe types based on how they are styled.

Classic Robes

As the name suggests, these are the classic, everyday use robes you must have seen everywhere. These are usually the cotton robes designed to serve the purpose of keeping you dry after showers. They are basic, use minimal design, and have a pretty casual look when it comes to styling.

Hotel Robes

Microfiber Hotel Robes for Men and Women

Whenever you have stayed at a hotel, you must have gotten a bathrobe in your bathroom. These are pretty stylish and soft robes and are usually made with luxury robe materials such as Turkish cotton, microfiber, and polyester material. These robes serve mainly two purposes, the after-shower, and loungewear!

Kimono Robes

Turkish Cotton Terry Kimono Robes for Men and Women

Kimono Robes are probably the most stylish ones on our list. There are two types of Kimono robes; the first one is the traditional Japanese Kimonos and the recent trendy silk robes that are used as a stylish cardigan or a blouse. The other one refers to the comfortable bathrobes and lounging robes featuring a kimono collar. These robes are the best to snuggle and spend your day in them. 


SEYANTE’s Kimono Robes complement your loungewear with a soft collar and are made of OEKO-TEX Certified materials to provide the utmost comfort. 

Hooded Robes

Hooded Bathrobes for Men and Women

These robes come with an addition of a hood on the back. These are styled for those individuals who prefer their comfort over everything because, truly, they are the most comfortable ones on our list. Also, while wearing our hooded robes, we are sure you will look absolutely adorable!

Shawl Collar Robes

Shawl Collar Robes

If you want to be comfortable and warm, and that too in a stylish way, you must get yourself a shawl collar robe. These are most commonly made with cotton terry material with a touch of warm wool or shawl cotton on the collar to keep your neck warm. Shawl collar robes are the perfect loungewear for winter evenings.

Spa And Sauna Robes

Spa Robes

You could guess by the name, what kinds of robes these are. The spa and sauna robes are specially designed to make your spa experience more relaxed and comfortable.

Also, even in a spa, you must look good, and wearing these stylish Turkish cotton waffle robes would do it for you.

Short Vs. Full-Length Robes

Full Length Robes

When choosing a bathrobe, you must also make sure to look at the length of the robe. There are quite a few variations available in this regard, such as short and mid-length robes, long and full-length robes, etc.

The choice of length truly depends on what you prefer. If you want to feel cozy and go for a lightweight option, you can choose the short, mid-length robes. If you want to feel the warmth, we would suggest getting a long, full-length robe. So, the choice here is yours.

Get Yourself The Perfect Robe

If you have been searching for a robe that fits you the best in terms of style, you must take a look at SEYANTE’s exclusive robe collection. We make bathrobes for everyone, with various color options and the best part about it is that our waffle and terry robes have OEKO-TEX certification. So, you can trust SEYANTE as your number one bathrobe brand when it comes to quality.

We hope you enjoyed reading this, and we are sure now you must be clear on how to style a robe. If you want to read more, enjoy this read on robe size chart guide or which robe material to choose.


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