Everything You Need to Know About Classic Turkish Robes

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Turkish cotton everything you need to know about classic Turkish robes SEYANTE blog
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Table of Contents: Discover the Elegance and Comfort of Classic Turkish Cotton Robes

  1. A Brief History of Turkish Cotton
  2. Why are Classic Turkish Robes Popular?
  3. Some Turkish Robes You Will Love
    1. Men's Full-Length Lightweight Waffle Spa Robe with Shawl Collar
    2. Women's Hooded Turkish Cotton Waffle Robe
    3. Men's Turkish Cotton Terry Cloth Kimono Robe
  4. The Takeaway!

Having a robe handy would be great if you’re not fond of getting dressed or spend most of your time wondering what to wear. After all, robes are the pinnacle of loungewear. 

If you need a robe that is stylish, sturdy, and, of course, cozy, classic Turkish robes are a good option. These robes closely resemble your bath towel in every manner and absorb and wick moisture from your body while drying you off. Even after soaking up the water, it is still mostly dry. 

If it helps you envision how Turkish cotton robes feel, you'll discover that spas, hotels, and swimming pools typically have classic Turkish cotton towels. This style of robe is more durable and is made of Turkish cotton. It tends to get fluffier with use, which is excellent news for individuals looking for a comfortable place to cuddle up.

You will appreciate the softness of long-fiber Turkish cotton robes and their advantage of drying instantly, allowing you to lounge around in your home casually. 

Continue reading this post to learn more about classic Turkish robes, including the history behind Turkish cotton and how to properly care for it to ensure that your Turkish robe lasts a lifetime. 

A Brief History of Turkish Cotton

Turkish cotton originates from Turkey, but you must return to the Ottoman Empire to understand why it is such a prized cloth. The massive Ottoman Empire, was established at the end of the 13th century and governed by a long series of Sultans surrounded by royal families.

Textiles were only worn by royalty during the existence of the Ottoman Empire, which is why they had to be of the finest quality. For this reason, the region gained a long-lasting reputation for having the best textiles, which continues today.

Turkey has three central cotton-producing regions: the Aegean region in the west, the Cukurova region in the south, and the Eastern Mediterranean region. Nevertheless, not all Turkish cotton is made equal. Since it generates a longer staple than cotton from other places, Turkish cotton from the Aegean area is renowned for its exceptional quality.

Why are Classic Turkish Robes Popular?

Turkish robes are a great way to pamper and calm yourself while being warm and comfortable and are excellent for use following baths and before dressing. You can also put it over your clothing or pajamas as an additional layer. A quality robe may substitute for a towel and become essential to morning and evening rituals.

Cotton is preferred for Turkish bathrobes because its long fibers produce a strong, smooth, absorbent thread. The peshtemal, a woven cloth from the 17th century, inspired modern Turkish bath accessories. To create luxuriously soft and remarkably lightweight cotton bathrobe designs, Turkish cotton still uses peshtemal-style weaving methods.

Aside from what you may have heard about thread counts, Turkish robes are comfortable and long-lasting because of the quality of the fibers. Turkish cotton with long staples makes plusher bathrobes less likely to fade or tear.

Men's Full-Length Lightweight Waffle Spa Robe with Shawl Collar

men's waffle shawl collar robe by SEYANTE


Resting your head after a tiring day can feel extremely good. That's precisely why this lightweight waffle robe is the best option to explore. The robe is stylish and gives you the experience of being in a five-star resort.

This robe is for all men who need time to relax and replenish themselves. It can also be used as a dressing gown. With a shawl collar design and a full-length, this robe has enough coverage to keep you warm and cozy while also letting you feel comfortable without being too constricted.

No matter where you are, this is the perfect clothing accessory to adorn yourself. It can also be a gift for a remarkable man in your life.

Women's Hooded Turkish Cotton Waffle Robe

Women's Turkish Cotton Hooded Waffle Robe


Sometimes all you need is a convenient option to depend on when you come out of the shower, and this luxurious waffle robe is the best option. This robe with hood and pockets gives you the experience of having comfort and relaxation like never before. It is convenient enough to be packed in a bag and carried with you on a trip.

These robes are absorbent and durable. They come with pockets and a waist tie to keep you secure. They are a homewear collection and can be used as a dressing gown for an outing or worn to lounge around in the house.

The robe is available in various colors and can make an excellent gift for any woman who means the world to you.

Men's Turkish Cotton Terry Cloth Kimono Robe

Men's Turkish cotton terry kimono robe by SEYANTE

Having relaxing moments throughout the day is every man's dream, and they can get that with this Turkish cotton terry cloth kimono robe. This elegant robe has been crafted with high-quality materials and is the perfect gift for your ideal man.

The kimono robe saves you after a tiring day at work, helping you relax and de-stress yourself from everything that's tiring you out. The fine Turkish cotton material wraps and weaves around your body for a comfortable experience. This terry cloth kimono robe has a design that features a tie belt at the waist, a shawl collar, and side pockets. The kimono-style robe is perfect for casual loungewear and can be used as a robe.

Conclusion on Turkish Cotton Robes: The Takeaway!

You should seek Turkish robes manufactured of 100% First Grade, 100% Turkish cotton, hand-loomed in Turkey, and the best place to get them is SEYANTE. We offer unique Turkish robes that are soft, cozy, and made by professional artisans. 

Find your favorite robe from our Turkish robe collection and stay comfortable all day.


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