Guide to Bathrobe Materials: Choosing The Best Fabric for Robes

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Guide to Bathrobe Materials: Choosing The Best Fabric for Robes
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With the increased knowledge and awareness, more and more people today accept bathrobes as a part of their basic necessities. For this very reason, brands are experimenting with introducing more contemporary designs, using materials of the highest quality.


Introduction to Bathrobe Materials

More so, since there are so many different bathrobe materials available for you to choose from, it might leave you wondering what’s the best fabric for a robe that you should opt for when purchasing your next bathrobe. 

Here, at SEYANTE, we make bathrobes using high-quality material, and thanks to our OEKO-TEX® certification, we make sure our bathrobes are safe for both the consumers and the environment. Hence, to avoid any confusion regarding the material, we have prepared a guide for you to answer the common question: what is the best fabric for a robe.


Wool Robes: Warmth and Comfort for Winter

Perfectly suitable for those who use bathrobes as a source of warmth during the cold winter season. Wool bathrobes are undoubtedly one of the most comfortable ones and give you a feel similar to hugging a warm blanket. However, excessive agitation can easily deform wool, such as jet streaks and wand markings.


Fleece and Polar Fleece: Lightweight and Absorbent Options

A fleece robe looks similar to a wool robe, but it is made from polyester and lighter in weight. Fleece robes are getting more popular thanks to their smoothness.

Polar fleece is the advanced version of the fleece bathrobes; it is thicker in material and softer in feel and has high water absorption capabilities. The fabric is made with polyester but has a higher density than fleece. Also, even if it gets soaking wet, it gets dry way faster than other materials. This capability makes this bathrobe one of the best choices if your sole purpose of using a bathrobe is to keep you dry after showers. 


Flannel: A Wool and Cotton Blend for Coziness

Flannel is a material made with a combination of wool and cotton, providing a lighter yet comforting fabric to keep you warm. They are a good option if you want the same warmth of wool robes but don’t actually want a wool robe. 


Cotton Robes: Versatility and Comfort

You'll hear lots of terminology from Egyptian cotton to Turkish cotton, organic cotton and more when it comes to this material. Cotton is one of the most popular bathrobe materials, providing everything a bathrobe should. At SEYANTE, we make 100% Turkish cotton robes to offer both comfort and warmth to our customers. Other than typical towel robes, there are a few sub-categories of cotton robes;

Seyante men's and women's Turkish cotton towel wraps


Cotton Waffle Robes: Perfect for Warmer Weather

    If you want to distinguish a cotton waffle robe, you can identify it through its diamond or resultant squared patterns. Waffle weave robes are perfect to use in warmer weather, and that's why most spas and hotels often use these robes for their guests. These are a beautiful blend of cotton with polyester and are pretty inexpensive compared to other cotton robes.     

    Our newest hooded bathrobe collection made with waffle weave fabric is worth checking out since they are made with lightweight material suitable for year-round use! 


    Seyante Turkish Cotton Hooded Waffle Robes for men and women



    Cotton Terry Cloth: Ideal for Post-Shower Use

    Cotton terry cloth robes are well-known for their absorption qualities. Made with Turkish cotton, these make good shower robes. They are light and tend to keep you dry and warm after a hot shower.

    A good tip for terry robes is to wash them prior to using them. All terry cloth robes bought at SEYANTE are machine washable so that you can enjoy your robe conveniently.

    Seyante Turkish Cotton Terry Kimono Bathrobes for Men


    Cotton Velour and Sherpa: Luxury and Softness

    If you remember wearing jumpsuits back in time, you can get an idea of the material we are talking about. It is a piled fabric quite similar to the velvet fabric.  It is soft and smooth and feels like a feather on your skin. It is soft but thick and mostly has over 80% cotton. Velour fabric makes an excellent material for lounging bathrobes. However, they are not suitable if you are looking for a robe to use after a shower.

      Typically made of pure cotton, a synthetic fiber like polyester, or a blend of cotton and polyester, the cotton sherpa robes provide excellent water absorbency. They are known for their softness which does not fade away even after more than fifty washes, compared to the classic cotton ones.


      Exploring Turkish Cotton Robes

      Turkish Cotton is the most beautiful type of cotton bathrobe; the fabric is made with delicacy and is a treat to both eyes and body. It has high water absorbency, making it suitable for both after-shower use and lounging. Not only that but just like the Turkish cotton robes at SEYANTE, all towel wraps are made from 100% Turkish cotton. In addition, due to its delicate feel and softness, it is one of the highly demanded fabrics.

      Turkish cotton exclusively comes from the Aegean region. It has quite a few similarities with Egyptian cotton such as it tends to get softer as time passes and uses firmer and smoother long fibers.

      Seyante Turkish Cotton Robes | Hooded Terry Bathrobes


      Cashmere, Chenille, and Microfiber: Luxurious Choices

      Cashmere comes to mind to be used in colder climates. Cashmere robes are made with animal hair providing warmth and comfort in winters. It is suggested to use them as loungewear because the absorbency levels are low when absorbing water.

      Best known for their high insulating property, Chenille robes are a soft and light piece of clothing that, once you wear them, you would not want to remove ever. These are delicate and classy robes made of 100% pure polyester. These robes are highly recommended for the winters and help you to keep warm! 

      Double-Layer Plush Microfiber Robes for Men and Women

      If you want luxury, a microfiber robe is the way to go. Microfiber robes are delicate, light, breathable, and classy. These are relatively new in the market, but they are getting quite popular among bathrobe users thanks to their qualities. Often used in men’s and women’s spa apparel, microfiber robes are a relaxing treat to your body. If you want to use them right, we would suggest wearing them as dressing gowns or lounging robes.


      Seyante Men's and Women's Plush Microfiber Robes


      Jersey, Bamboo, and Acrylic: Unique Bathrobe Materials

      Jersey bathrobes are more of nightwear or loungewear as it does not allow water absorption. The fabric is smooth and soft for the skin and is preferable to have worn for a good night’s sleep. The material does contain some amount of cotton, but that’s just to add more comfort to it. 

      Made with bamboo grass, the best part about bamboo robes is that they never get old. Even if you wash them fifty times, they will still shine like the new ones. Moreover, the natural fibers and antimicrobial characteristics of bamboo grass help repel bacteria.

      Acrylic robes are light and warm but what makes them different from other robes is the quality of being hypoallergenic. These robes are specially made for people with allergies and help to keep them warm.


      Satin & Silk, Plush, and Polyester: Diverse Options

      Satin and Silk robes are known for their smoothness and softness. These robes made from lightweight fabric would make you feel like a million-dollar bill. They are not good water absorbents; hence, they are not suitable to wear after a shower. Silk and satin robes are designed mainly for lounging.

      Plush robes are preferred more by women and kids as they are the softest on our list. They are perfect to use in colder climates to keep warm and enjoy being in a cozy robe. Also, they are a great option when it comes to design and style. Moreover, they have a thick structure to provide warmth.

      Even though SEYANTE doesn’t have a winter plush collection, our Plush Robes for Women is a comfortable choice for relaxation and comfort.


      Seyante Plush Robes for Women



      You can consider polyester part of the cotton family, but it is a slightly stronger material. Made with synthetic fibers, polyester tends to offer softness and firmness simultaneously. Bathrobes made with polyester are a fit for all purposes, including lounging, drying, or just taking a casual stroll with your pets. 

      What Is The Best Fabric For A Robe Offering Comfort And Luxury?

      While all the fabrics we just mentioned make good robes, there ought to be a best one. And to select the best one, you need to consider the purpose for which you will be using the robe.

      Are you looking for drying post-shower or lounging? To provide you warmth or showcase luxury? Once you know what your bathrobe is supposed to do, check out the qualities of each material and compare to find which robe material would be the right fit for you.

      At SEYANTE, we believe in putting our users’ needs before ours, and we make products that cater to your needs. View our bathrobes for men and women tailored to bring you comfort and if you have any questions on selecting your bathrobe, ask us!

      Also, stick around to learn more about how to use the bathrobe size chart, that’s next in SEYANTE Blog!

      Seyante Bathrobes for Men and Women


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