Bathrobes: Luxury or Necessity?

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Bathrobes: Luxury or Necessity?

When we hear about bathrobes, we directly think that this is a luxury product made for people who prefer to live a luxurious and sophisticated life, but is that perception true? And if it is not, then what are bathrobes for?

If you’re keen on learning, here is what we believe at SEYANTE whether a bathrobe is a luxury or a necessity.

Our opinion about bathrobes might differ from yours. While, to a large extent, people do believe that bathrobes are a luxury and look all glamorous, we believe that it is more of a necessity than a luxury, though it’s not always mutually exclusive. In fact, we believe that everyone should own at least one bathrobe.

The misconception that bathrobes are made for people living a fancy lifestyle needs to be debunked now. This is because there are so many things that a bathrobe can provide which if you get to know even a few about bathrobe benefits, you might even want to get one right away.

We will make sure that you know it all so that you also get to have this daily life necessity, but let’s start from the beginning.

What Is The Purpose Of A Bathrobe?

A bathrobe is a lot more than just a fancy towel gown. It serves so many purposes, such as it helps you dry your body after a shower, helps spend quality time on a cozy weekend and even helps you stay warm. You can even use a bathrobe on one of those days when you don’t feel like dressing up, you can simply wear your bathrobe and stay in your comfort zone.

Moreover, you can wear one of these when visiting a spa, attending a pool party, or going on a vacation. You can even use these bathrobes as your dressing gown. In fact, you can wear it every day at home. Trust us, you would never feel this comfortable in any other loungewear.  

You’ll Need Less Bath Towels

The most significant benefit is that you don’t need to have as many bath towels in your house anymore. You can simply wear a bathrobe right after your shower, and it will absorb all the water from your body.

seyante womens towel wrap in charcoal

However, there might be some of you who might just not be satisfied with a bathrobe and may require a towel. If so, you need to take a look at our Turkish Cotton towel wraps. These cotton towel wraps come with hook and loop closure, providing you with the comfort you desire of having a towel

Bathrobes as Work Attire

Don’t get confused, of course, we are not suggesting wearing a bathrobe to your work. With the advancement in working dynamics post COVID-19, people have been working from home most of the time. For this very reason, you can use your bathroom as your work attire.

 seyante mens womens microfiber robe

The best part is that it makes you feel super comfy, enabling you to focus better on the tasks at hand. We recommend going for our microfiber robe collection if you are looking for that extra pampering you need. These are incredibly soft and a perfect fit for people who work from home so that they can do so while feeling relaxed and comfortable.

Wake up Looking Glamorous

Well, as you know, bathrobes do add glamor to your personality, and imagine how relaxed and pampered you would feel when you wake up wearing the most comfortable bathrobe. 

The warmth of the bathrobe will freshen up your mood, and certainly, looking glamorous after waking up will make you feel like a million bucks. However, many people live with the misconception that robes are only made for the rich. They end up missing out on waking up with glamour and relaxation; well, you don’t need to be one of them.

In-Between Attire

Bathrobes are not only for baths and showers; you can even use them as your temporary in-between attire. When you wake up in the morning, you can slip right into it, get your morning tea or coffee, work around the house, make your breakfast, and then slip right into your work clothes.

Hooded robes for men and women

You can use a beautiful lightweight robe or even a hooded robe to be your temporary slip-in, and you can easily and most importantly, comfortably decide on what you want to wear to your work.

All Round Comfortable at House 

SEYANTE bathrobes are all-rounders, basically, all-rounders for comfort. You can walk around the house, you can do your chores, you can even relax on your lazy days, and you can do it all by being comfortable in one of these.

lightwewight waffle robes for men and women

There are so many categories for bathrobes, but if you want one for all-round comfort, you need to have a waffle robe. Once you get one, you will know what comfort is all about. 

A Necessity with Luxury

All in all, bathrobes are not just a luxury, they are a necessity that is also a luxury. It’s a must-have for every individual to feel pampered and comfortable.

Explore SEYANTE’s extensive collection of luxury robes for women and men with OEKO-TEX Certificate, and we are sure you will be grateful for your decision and the quality of your next must have.

The best part is that SEYANTE ensures that all of our products have a 90 day hassle free return guarantee.


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